Fulvio Ranni started to play Accordion at the age of 8 in Abruzzo Italy started playing with wedding bands at 13. He studied Piano at Conservatory in Parma North Italy. In 1981 he moved to Switzerland and went to jazz school in Zürich. From 1993-96 he toured North Europe with a Dance Band (MADE IN ITALY) In 1996 he arrived in the US and started his solo career in the Philadelphia area playing at private parties, weddings, festivals restaurants and nursing homes. Sal Evola started to play guitar in Sicily at the age of 7. At 12 years old he had his own band playing weddings and band competitions. He began to tour Italy with the almost famous band “BLACK MIST” which landed them on national Italian TV. He arrived in America in the early 80’s and has been preforming here since then.